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More than a Beauty 

we at CNC believe that people’s needs and values play an increasingly important role in our society. Therefore, we offer a wide range in which everyone can find their favorite products!

With up to 20 care series, you get the perfectly matched care solution for every aesthetic skin need. Targeted – highly effective – highly dosed!

Since our foundation in 1986, safety in use, maximum skin compatibility and transparent manufacturing “Made in Germany” have been a crucial part of our identity.

The Clean Beauty Guide offers a conscious and transparent orientation aid for product selection. The CNC Clean Beauty products are therefore not “better than …”, but “free from …” and suitable for all who want to deal even more intensively with the ingredients of their skin care.

Here, among other skin-related ingredients are used as a basis and offer the highest level of skin compatibility. Likewise, ingredients from controlled organic cultivation are used and in some cases already fully recyclable packaging is used.

To experience the transparency and conscious application, we offer “cosmetics made to measure” to personalize the daily beauty ritual.

Clean Beauty, however, does not exclude dermaceutical skin care.

Dermaceutical active ingredient cosmetics in combination with effective device technologies – that’s us!

For more than 35 years, the well-founded understanding of the comprehensive regeneration and renewal processes of the skin has been the strength of dermaceutical skin care from CNC cosmetic.

Through our active principle “More than Beauty”, the apparative concept solutions support the comprehensive treatment success. Efficient active ingredients thus set renewal processes in motion in various skin layers in an even more targeted manner. For a visible improvement and sustainable health maintenance of the skin.

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